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Chris talks with Test with Carl and Mark about COM and .NET components, finalizers, disposing, Smart Client Windows Forms Applications (we still don't know what to call these things), how to navigate sellsbrothers.com, interview weed-out questions, and why he calls it Sells Brothers. Also, Chris finally clears up the age-old question of why C++ programmers feel so superior to mere humans.

Chris' main web page is www.sellsbrothers.com. There you can subscribe to his many lists and take advantage of all the great free information and code he shares with the community. Chris writes regularly for MSDN Magazine on advanced topics.

Trust us, you will save yourself hours of guesswork by taking an hour and a half of your day to listen to this interview. This show was actually recorded in mid-November, and its still fresh!

Chris Sells is VP of the Developer Tools Devision of Telerik Coroporation. Prior to that he was Principal Program Manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft working on Metro-style apps for JavaScript. Prior to THAT, he was Program Manager for the Microsoft Connected Systems Division. He's written several books, including Programming WPF, Windows Forms 2.0 Programming and ATL Internals. In his free time, Chris hosts various conferences around the world. More information about Chris, and his various projects, is available at www.sellsbrothers.com.

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Running Time 92 minutes      Date Monday, December 2, 2002     Comments Comments

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