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Frank Savage from the XNA team discusses the coolness that is XNA Game Studio Express! He also waxes poetic about his days on the Strike Commander and Wing Commander 3 teams, as well as more recent endeavors. Awesome show!

Frank Savage started in the game development business at Origin System in 1991. His first game was Strike Commander, then he was the lead on Wing Commander 3. He left Origin and went to work for FASA Interactive in Chicago and did the first MechCommander game there. FASA was acquired by Microsoft in 1999 and Frank finished MechCommander 2 at Microsoft in June 2001. At that point he left and went to work for the XBox team just before the first XBox launch. He worked for the Advanced Technology Group which helped game developers get the most of the XBox console. While working there, he began the first discussions around XNA and was the third member of the dedicated XNA team as the development Manager.

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Running Time 73 minutes      Date Thursday, May 3, 2007     Comments Comments

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