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Time for a Geek Out experiment! Richard dives into his notes on a bunch of the past Geek Out episodes to bring you up to date on current developments. This includes solar, wind and wave power, automated driving, various developments on the fusion power front and some space related news as well. It's a grab bag full of goodness, but does the format make sense? The Geek Outs are still experimental, and we take ideas from the listeners at FeatHub Geek Out List so send us what you'd like to hear!

Carl Franklin has been a leader in the Microsoft developer community since the very early days when he wrote for Visual Basic Programmers Journal. He authored the Q&A column of that magazine as well as many feature articles for VBPJ and other magazines. He has authored two books for John Wiley & Sons on sockets programming in VB, and in 1994 he helped create the very first web site for VB developers, Carl & Gary's VB Home Page.

Carl is also the Microsoft Regional Director for Connecticut, an MVP for Kinect, co-host of .NET Rocks! and The Tablet Show, a .NET Rocks! spin-off dedicated to developing for tablets, phones and other mobile devices, as well as mobile web.

Carl is also an accomplished musician and audio/video producer. He started Pwop in 1999 as a record label for his first album, a collaboration with his brother Jay: Strange Communication. Franklin Brothers released Lifeboat To Nowhere in 2011, which has met with rave reviews. In 2013, Carl released his first solo album, Been a While, which features a tune with John Scofield on guitar, as well as an incredible group of musicians local to New London, CT.

Pwop Studios is a full-service audio and video post production studio in New London, CT, where Carl records and produces the podcasts as well as music and video projects - both for himself, Franklin Brothers, and the public.

Richard Campbell has been involved with microcomputers and software since 1977. His career has spanned the industry both on the hardware and software sides, from manufacturing to sales, service, game development, line-of-business software and large scale systems. He's been deeply involved in creating new businesses around software, hardware, services and products in a huge range of roles, including technical, management and financing. During the halcyon days of the DotCom Boom he was a consultant to venture capital firms providing technical due diligence and architectural direction.

Today Richard consults with a number of clients on software architecture and future directions of technology. He is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. He's a partner in PWOP Productions, creating a variety of multimedia programs including ".NET Rocks!, the Internet Audio Talk Show for .NET Developers" (www.dotnetrocks.com) a podcast produced twice a week for more than 250,000 listeners in 120 countries and The Tablet Show (www.thetabletshow.com), a weekly podcast focused on tablet and mobile development. In addition he's the host of RunAs Radio (www.runasradio.com), a podcast for the IT Professional using Microsoft technologies. You'll find Richard at numerous conferences all over the world.

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Running Time 59 minutes      Date Thursday, May 28, 2015     Comments Comments


What happens when a bunch of developers get in a room with a bunch of IoT devices? Carl and Richard talk to Josh Holmes about the amazing workshops he's been running to get people looking at the potential of small computing devices in the world of Internet of Things. Josh focuses in on the key bits of what it takes to make something useful in the IoT space - the difference between prototype and production hardware, the role of the cloud, and how critical the security situation is. Lots of great links!

Josh Holmes is a passionate soul who gets his kicks solving problems with deep fried awesomeness. He is currently employed by Microsoft Ireland as an Architect Evangelist. Prior to joining Microsoft in October 2006, Josh was a consultant working with a variety of clients ranging from large Fortune 500 firms to smaller sized companies. Josh is a frequent speaker and lead panelist at national and international software development conferences focusing on web technologies on the Microsoft stack such as ASP.NET, PHP, IronRuby, JavaScript and more. Community focused, Josh has founded and/or run many technology organizations from the Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group to the Ann Arbor Computer Society and was on the forming committee for CodeMash. You can contact Josh through his blog at http://www.joshholmes.com/.

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So how are you using Azure for your apps? Carl and Richard talk to Mark Brown about his work inside and outside of Microsoft - after fifteen years at Microsoft, Mark is out on his own now and still working hard with Azure. The conversation digs into the amazing tool that is Web Jobs, letting you automate tasks based on time and events. Mark also talks about machine learning as his new focus, recognizing that the huge amount of data we're gathering needs to be analyzed too. Lots of great thinking about the cloud!

Mark Brown has been in the software industry for more than twenty years and has worked for a wide array of companies form ISV's to dot-coms; building applications that ranged from the largest of back-end systems to the smallest of devices and everything in between. Mark is a cloud and solution architect for Solliance and in an out-patient program for former Microsoft employees.

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Running time 55 minutes      Date Tuesday, May 26, 2015     Comments Comments

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