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So what does it take to be a craftsman, software or otherwise? Carl and Richard talk to Bob Reselman about his work building software and guitars. Trained as a musician, Bob found software later in his life, and guitar making later still. But the process of getting good at making guitars makes it no different than making good quality software. The path to craftsmanship involves hard work, making mistakes and sometimes injury!

Bob Reselman is a nationally known Software Developer, Technology Writer and emerging luthier. Bob has written numerous articles and books on the practice and management of software development. He's worked as Platform Architect at the computer manufacturer Gateway, Principal Consultant at Gap Gemini and Technical Process Architect for Edmunds.com. He's slung code for the National Association of Recording Arts and Science, the people that bring you the Grammys. Bob other significant activity is making hand-crafted electric guitars and bases, which you can view his work on Facebook, on the page, Implements of Mass Construction. You can read Bob's recent article about applying the lessons learned from lutheriie to software development on Developer.com. The article is titled, Lessons Learned, a Craftman's Approach to Software Development

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So how will you build mobile apps going forward? Carl and Richard talk to Atley Hunter about the impact of Windows 10 and various announcements at Build on your strategies for building mobile apps. After a quick conversation about the awesome that is HoloLens, the conversation dives into issues around Windows Phone adoption and app creation. Do the new tools make it more likely for companies to build Windows Phone apps?

As one of the most prolific modern UI developers in the world, Atley Hunter splits his days between creating cool new apps for Windows Phones and Tablets and sharing what he has learned via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and numerous In Person events.

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So what has happened with the .NET Core? Carl and Richard talk to Jay Schmelzer about his involvement from the very beginning of the .NET Core infrastructure and the interesting future it has as an open source project. But first a call back to a project that Jay led for years - LightSwitch. So where has it gone and where is it going? Then the conversation turns to the .NET Core. Jay talks about how the development team at Microsoft is starting to do their development in public on the open source project that is now the .NET Core. And then there's OS/X and Linux! How do you separate off capabilities of .NET that are actually part of the operating system, rather than the .NET codebase? Lots of complexity to support cross platform like this, but it opens the door to .NET being everywhere!

Jay Schmelzer is a Director of Program Management on the Visual Studio Team at Microsoft. Jay and his team are responsible for the Visual Studio tools, programming languages, frameworks and runtime components used to build line of business and cloud applications. That includes the CLR and .NET Framework, Microsoft's managed languages (VB.NET, C# and F#), Visual Studio support for building Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Azure solutions.

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Running time 53 minutes      Date Tuesday, May 19, 2015     Comments Comments

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