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Xamarin Forms with Chris Hardy

Episode #994 Wednesday, June 11, 2014

While at NDC is Oslo, Carl and Richard talked to Chris Hardy about Xamarin's latest work - Xamarin.Forms. As Chris explains, Xamarin.Forms brings a XAML-like experience to building forms for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The conversation focuses in on what Xamarin.Forms is best suited for, when you should stick to the standard class based tools for building clients, and what it takes to have 100% code sharing. Is it worth it? Depends! Chris also digs into the role of MVVMCross in Xamarin development as well as Xamarin Test Cloud and University. Cool stuff from the Xamarin team as usual!


Chris Hardy

Chris Hardy, director of Customer Support at Xamarin, recently moved from the UK to Xamarin's Boston office after being one of the first developers to develop for Xamarin.iOS in 2010. Often found at conferences and user groups around the world, Chris also contributed to the xamarin.ios and xamarin.android books from Wrox with wally mclure et al and is excited to see C# on all the mobile devices.


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