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Jeremy Likness is all Silverlight 5

Episode #737 Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Carl and Richard talk to Jeremy Likness about Silverlight 5. Is Silverlight dead? Not by a long shot. Jeremy talks about the great work going on the Silverlight today and how it still is the most efficient way to build applications that run on both Windows and OSX. The conversation drills into the new features of Silverlight 5 and dispels a lot of the myths around the future of Silverlight. Jeremy also talks about Jounce, his MVVM+MEF framework on Codeplex and the relationship between Silverlight and WinRT.


Jeremy Likness

Jeremy Likness is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Azure at Microsoft. He is the author of several highly acclaimed technical books including Designing Silverlight Business Applications and Programming the Windows Runtime by Example. He has given hundreds of technical presentations during his career as a professional developer that spans two decades. In his free time Jeremy likes to CrossFit, hike, and maintain a 100% plant-based diet.


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