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Geoff Smith and Howard van Rooijen Architect S#arply

Episode #679 Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Geoff Smith and Howard van Rooijen about S#arp architecture. S#arp architecture provides guidance on how to build ASP.NET MVC applications with nHibernate. It follows Eric Evan's Domain Driven Design principles very closely. The conversation also jumped over to StyleCop, the CodePlex project for standardizing code standards and Templify, an open source tool for building T4 templates.


Geoffrey Smith

Geoffrey Smith has 5 years of experience in professional web development and has worked with ASP.NET MVC since its inception. He is currently development lead on S#arpArchitecture. He currently as an engineer for Digital Evolution Group in Overland Park, KS.

Howard van Rooijen

Howard van Rooijen is the co-founder of Endjin - a collaboration of like-minded people who are imbued with an infectious enthusiasm for solving business problems through the smart application of technology. He is a technologist who has a mentality of 'work smart, not hard'. He have a passion for reducing project delivery friction by the smart application of Agile Methods and Engineering Excellence.Howard spent a decade working as a consultant for one of Europe's top digital agencies for some of the UK's leading companies. He was part of the development team in the UK's first Scrum project.Howard loves software and his desire for Engineering Excellence led him to become a JetBrains .NET Academy Member. He is the Inventor of Scrum for Team System, Creator of StyleCop for ReSharper, Templify and part of the development teams for Sharp Architecture.


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