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Mark Arteaga Talks Windows Phone 7 and Mango

Episode #665 Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carl and Richard talk to Mark Arteaga about his experiences building Windows Phone 7 applications. The conversation starts with a run down of what's coming in the upcoming Mango release. Mark then digs into the challenges of small teams building games for the phone, and what enterprise developers are going to need to be successful with the phone.


Mark Arteaga

Mark Arteaga is Founder and President of RedBit Development which specializes in helping customers such as Bell Media (formerly CTVGlobeMedia), The Globe & Mail and MTV implement mobile solutions. Mark has an extensive background in software development and has dedicating the last 10 years to the trade. Mark has also been awarded Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award 6 years in a row for his role in the Windows Phone developer community and is the only Windows Phone Developer MVP in Canada. Mark is often speaking to the developer community at various events about mobile based solutions throughout Canada. You can contact Mark via his blog at blog.markarteaga.com, mark@redbitdev.com or follow him twitter.com/MarkArteaga on Twitter.


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