.NET Rocks!

Ethan Winer, Very Old School

Episode #588 Thursday, August 26, 2010

During the .NET Rocks Live Weekend, Carl and Richard talk to Ethan Winer about the old days of development as well as audio systems, design and myths.


Ethan Winer

After 20 years as a professional recording engineer and musician, Ethan Winer founded Crescent Software in 1986, quickly building it to become the leading provider of add-on products for use with Microsoft compiled BASIC for DOS. During that time Ethan wrote numerous articles about DOS BASIC and assembly language for all of the major programming magazines, and also served as a contributing editor for PC Magazine. In 1992 Ethan sold Crescent to his partner Don Malin, and retired in order to pursue his musical interests. Ethan has received Microsoft's MVP award every year since 1996 for his assistance in the Microsoft BASIC programming newsgroups. Crescent was sold in 1994 to Progress Software, who wanted to focus mainly on Crescent's Windows programming tools. Crescent products for Windows are currently sold by Sax Software.

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