.NET Rocks!

Adam Nathan on Popfly and Silverlight

Episode #314 Thursday, February 7, 2008

Adam Nathan from Microsoft joins Carl and Richard to talk about his work on the CLR team, his numerous books, and his work on popfly.com, a popular mashup site which he wrote with Silverlight 1.0 and ASP.NET Ajax.


Adam Nathan

Adam Nathan is a senior software development engineer at Microsoft and the founding developer of Popfly, Microsoft's first product built with Silverlight. He is the author of the best-selling Windows Presentation Foundation Unleashed, the 1600-page tome .NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide, and most recently Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed. Adam regularly speaks at development conferences and to internal groups within Microsoft about a variety of .NET topics. Having started his career on Microsoft's Common Language Runtime team in 1999, Adam has been at the core of .NET technologies since the very beginning. Adam is also the creator of popular tools and websites for .NET developers, such as PINVOKE.NET (and its Visual Studio add-in). You can find him online at www.adamnathan.net.


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