.NET Rocks!

Charlie Calvert and Beth Massi on VB.NET, Orcas, and the FoxPro Knitting Guild

Episode #274 Thursday, September 20, 2007

Charlie Calvert and Beth Massi spend their 60 minutes of fame talking about what they love about Orcas, how VB.NET is cool again, and what on earth are all those FoxPro people going to do with their free time.


Charlie Calvert

Charlie Calvert is the Community Program Manager for the Microsoft C# team. He has a degree in Journalism and Computer Science from the Evergreen State College. The author of ten technical books which have sold over 100,000 copies, Charlie currently lives in the Seattle area where he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing in the mountains.

Beth Massi

Beth Massi is the Product Marketing Manager for .NET Platform and Languages (C#, F#, VB). She's a long-time community champion and a .NET Foundation officer. She helps developers build amazing things. Follow her on twitter and GitHub: @BethMassi

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