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Studio 2022 Extensions with Mads Kristensen

Episode #1792 Thursday, May 5, 2022

How are extensions in Visual Studio changing? Carl and Richard talk to the extension master himself, Mads Kristensen. With over 150 extensions in the Marketplace, Mads has a lot of experience building tooling that can streamline your Studio experience. The conversation digs into why an extension makes sense rather than being built into Studio. Although in the case of the Markdown Editor, that does happen! Mads also as the VSIX Community space if you want to get into building your extensions, with libraries and tooling to guide you to the pit of success with your extension project. Check it out!


Mads Kristensen

Mads Kristensen is a program manager on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft with the privilege to work with the extension community and ecosystem. He’s an avid extension writer himself, with over a hundred published extensions to the Visual Studio Marketplace. Before joining Microsoft, he spent a decade as a web developer working at both startups and enterprise companies. His wife and two young sons all enjoy and support his adventures in the world of home automation


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