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Visual Studio 2022 with Simon, Anthony and Andy

Episode #1739 Thursday, May 13, 2021

What's new in Visual Studio 2022? Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell talk to Simon Calvert, Anthony Cangialosi, and Andy Sterland about the upcoming version of Studio. First on the docket is 64-bit: While Studio has been able to build 64-bit applications for more than a decade, the devenv.exe itself has remained a 32-bit application. The team discusses why it makes sense to move to 64-bit and what that means for development going forward. But there's much more to Studio 2022, including improvement to debugging and diagnostics across platforms, being able to collaborate with developers in real-time using Live Share, and getting smarter about how you navigate and explore existing code. Cool new things are coming!


Anthony Cangialosi

Anthony Cangialosi is Principal Group PM of Visual Studio Core at Microsoft.

Simon Calvert

Simon Calvert is a Director of Program Management in Developer Division and feels lucky to have worked with some great teams across Visual Studio platform, VisualStudio.com, and Subscriptions, specifically Developer Services. These teams are responsible for VS core diagnostics, project, shell, Git tools, core editing experiences, accessibility, and more. Simon started with Microsoft in 1999.

Andy Sterland

Andy Sterland is a dev tools product person currently working on the debugger and diagnostic tools in Visual Studio.


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