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F# Update with Philip Carter

Episode #1701 Thursday, August 20, 2020

F# turns five - not five years old (it's more than ten years old!) - but version five! Carl and Richard talk to Phillip Carter from the F# team about what's coming in F# 5. Phillip talks about the past few years of F# being focused on getting fully onboard with .NET Core - and now is the time to go further. The conversation dives into adding capabilities to interactive mode of F# including working easily in Jupyter Notebooks. More ability to manipulate data means more power for all of us, check it out!


Phillip Carter

Phillip Carter is a senior program manager on the .NET team. He works on all things F#: language design, compiler, library, tools, and docs. He also works on the C# compiler and .NET project integration tooling for Visual Studio. In his spare time, he's riding a bike or on a mountain hiking or riding a snowboard.


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