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Testing using nDepend with Patrick Smacchia

Episode #1694 Thursday, July 2, 2020

How do you do static testing in your applications? Carl and Richard talk to Patrick Smacchia of nDepend - one of the original testing products for .NET, stretching back to the very beginning! Patrick talks about how nDepend has grown over the years to provide a variety of tools for helping you to visualize the quality of your code, and to detect code smells - that is, aspects of code that may indicate a problem. The conversation dives into building out rules in projects to do static evaluation as code is created so you can catch problems early, to determine when its time to refactor older code!


Patrick Smacchia

Patrick Smacchia has been fortunate to start programming as a child on 8bits computers in the 80s. Then he naturally graduated in Math and Software engineering. After a decade of C++ programming and consultancy Patrick got interested in the brand new .NET platform in 2002. He wrote the best-seller book (in French) on .NET and C#, published by O'Reilly and also did manage some academic and professional courses on the platform and C#. Over the years, Patrick gained a passion for understanding structure and evolution of large complex real-world applications and good practices to improve software maintainability. As a consequence, he got interested in static code analysis and started the project NDepend. Today, with more than 8.000 client companies, including many of the Fortune 500 ones, NDepend offers deeper insight and understanding about their code bases to a wide range of professional users around the world.


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