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Empathy vs Sympathy in Software with Lily Dart

Episode #1653 Thursday, September 19, 2019

How do you build software for a diversity of customers? Carl and Richard talk to Lily Dart about what it takes to really build diversity-sensitive software, and it starts with understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy. Lily talks about how folks fall into the trap of avoiding diversity using empathy training - but real empathy takes understanding, and that means living with diversity. There's no substitute for a diverse team, and even then, you'll still need to research into areas of diversity your team doesn't have. It's hard work, but worth it!


Lily Dart

Lily Dart is head of Design Systems for Lloyds Banking Group. Before Lloyds she was working to transform government as the Design Director for the Department of International Trade. She’s worked as a front-end dev, designer, researcher and product lead over the course of her career. She combines technical knowledge with user-focused design and research methodologies to help organisations solve difficult problems, and deliver more for their users.


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