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Performance is a Feature with JD Trask

Episode #1650 Thursday, August 29, 2019

In the age of the cloud, does performance matter? Carl and Richard talk to JD Trask of Raygun software about his work making applications run fast - and knowing how to do it! JD talks about the various ways that you can measure the performance of different types of applications, especially in this modern day where you can instrument in production and actually see what your customers are experiencing. The trick is to not look at averages - individual experiences matter, and figuring out where and what to tune takes time and good tooling. A great geeky conversation on performance!


J.D. Trask

John-Daniel Trask is the Co-founder & CEO of Raygun. A developer tools company that provides error, crash and performance monitoring software. John-Daniel is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, has been writing software for more than 20 years, lives in New Zealand and enjoys fine whiskey.


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