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Containers in Windows Server 2019 with Elton Stoneman

Episode #1599 Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Windows Server 2019 has shipped and Windows containers have improved! Carl and Richard talk to Elton Stoneman about the changes that have come with Server 2019 and the 1809 Update. Elton describes it as the second significant implementation of containers on Windows, although it has been steadily tested in the field over the past few years. For the most part, containers on Windows now have parity with the Linux containers - and the possibilities for migrating existing .NET applications to containers have expanded - check it out!


Elton Stoneman

Elton Stoneman is a Pluralsight Author and Microsoft Azure MVP, and he works for Docker. He's been architecting and delivering successful solutions with Microsoft technologies since 2000, most recently APIs and Big Data implementations in Azure, and distributed systems with Docker. He tweets @EltonStoneman, blogs regularly, and his most popular Pluralsight courses cover Message Queue Fundamentals in .NET and Modernizing .NET Apps with Docker. Currently Elton is interested in the expansion of the Microsoft stack outside of the normal boundaries; exploring the great opportunities opening up with .NET Core running on Linux, Dockerized apps running in Windows Containers, on-premise and on Azure. Docker is particularly exciting – it’s a simple technology with the potential to remove some of the biggest inefficiencies in software delivery, and it can be the key to adopting cloud, DevOps and microservices. Elton is a regular presenter and workshop host at conferences. He's been fortunate to speak at NDC, DockerCon, SDD, DevSum, Container Camp and Future Decoded. You'll often see him at user groups too - Docker London, London DevOps and WinOps are his locals.


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