.NET Rocks!

IoT and .NET with Bryan Costanich

Episode #1593 Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Is .NET ready for the Internet of Things? Carl and Richard talk to Bryan Costanich about the current state of IoT and how his startup Wilderness Labs is building next-generation hardware that runs .NET! Bryan talks about how microcontrollers have gotten much more powerful today, but the programming stacks are still back in the 80s. The expectations of customers today is cloud integration, auto-updating and mobile apps - which is expensive and time-consuming to write in C++! Enter Meadow, programmable with .NET Standard 2. Join the Kickstarter to get the first release of hardware!


Bryan Costanich

Bryan Costanich is a cofounder and CEO of Wilderness Labs; a startup dedicated to making hardware development as fast and easy as software. He was previously Vice President of Education Services at Xamarin, where he created Xamarin University and the Xamarin Documentation team. He's a renowned Software Architect, published author, mobile development expert, and a seasoned entrepreneur. When not working in tech, you can find Bryan out in the mountains (usually hanging from a cliff).


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