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Productivity Tools in VS2017 with Kasey Uhlenhuth

Episode #1534 Thursday, April 5, 2018

How productive are you with Visual Studio? Carl and Richard chat with Kasey Uhlenhuth about her work making Visual Studio even more productive for developers. The conversation focuses on the huge array of features that Visual Studio has, to support all sorts of different styles of programming. Kasey talks about balancing the needs of developers - some want lots of support and hints from Visual Studio, and some want it to just get out of the way while they program. There are a ton of options, you just have to discover them. Kasey points out a productivity guide that she has helped create to help you take advantage of the power of Visual Studio - check out the link in the show notes!


Kasey Uhlenhuth

Kasey Uhlenhuth is a program manager on the .NET & Visual Studio team at Microsoft. She helps .NET developers write better code faster by working on tools like IntelliSense, navigation, refactorings, code style configuration and enforcement, etc.


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