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Windows Template Studio with Clint Rutkas

Episode #1476 Thursday, September 14, 2017

Struggling to get started with Universal Windows Platform applications? Carl and Richard talk to Clint Rutkas about the Windows Template Studio (WTS). WTS was first released into the Studio marketplace at Build in 2017 and has been updating every six weeks or so - with lots of community contributions. Clint talks about striking the right balance between generating code automatically that demonstrates best practices and getting in the way of you writing your own code - it's never simple, but when done right, hugely powerful. WTS is an open source project on GitHub, you can contribute to it as well!


Clint Rutkas

Clint Rutkas is the lead for Windows Template Studio (http://aka.ms/wts) and is a product manager on Windows Developer at Microsoft. He has worked at 343 Industries on Halo and on Channel 9 and built some crazy projects using Windows technology like a computer controlled disco dance floor, a custom Ford Mustang, t-shirt shooting robots and more.


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