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MVVM Cross with Martijn van Dijk

Episode #1430 Thursday, April 6, 2017

MVVMCross has grown up! Carl and Richard chat with Martjin van Dijk about his work on MVVMCross. Past guest Stuart Lodge started MVVMCross way back in 2012 when it was focused on building MVVM apps in Silverlight, but today the focus is on Xamarin. Martjin talks about how MVVMCross works with Xamarin forms to make it easier to build, test and debug mobile apps, bringing inversion of control and dependency injection as part of the library. The conversation also turns to navigation being moved to the viewmodel, rather than the view, so you write less code. MVVMCross can be a key part of your mobile app development strategy!


Martin van Dijk

Martin van Dijk is a Microsoft and Xamarin MVP from The Netherlands working with Xamarin, Android, Windows, and iOS. He's also a contributor of MvvmCross and several other Xamarin plugins.


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