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Chaiscript with Jason Turner

Episode #1428 Thursday, March 30, 2017

Scripting with C++? Of course! Carl and Richard talk to Jason Turner about ChaiScript, his open source project that simplifies adding C++ as a scripting language to any application, but especially other C++ applications. The conversation turns to how C++ has evolved and some amazing tools available today to help you understand what C++ is doing, right down to the CPU level! Check out the links in the show notes for some of the cool tools that Jason and his associates have built!


Jason Turner

Jason Turner is a regular C++ conference speaker, independent contractor, and trainer. He is the co-host of CppCast, the first podcast for C++ developers, and host of C++ Weekly, a weekly YouTube video series about C++ which has been going with no interruptions for over a year. Jason co-developed ChaiScript, an embedded scripting engine for C++ with his cousin, Jonathan in 2009 and has been refining it and maintaining it since then. He has also developed two C++ video series with O'Reilly media.


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