.NET Rocks!

Mobile Development using F# with Scott Nimrod

Episode #1375 Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Functional programming for mobile development? Carl and Richard talk to Scott Nimrod about his experiences building mobile apps with Xamarin using F# as the primary programming language. Does functional make sense for mobile development? Sure, but F# can handle OOP problems too. Scott calls it "functional first". The conversation digs into the power of staying within Visual Studio - tools that you know and understand! But there are also features in Visual Studio that don't necessarily work well (or the same) with F#, so it does take time to learn your way around your new language. But worth it!


Scott Nimrod

Scott Nimrod is fascinated with software craftsmanship. He has been practicing software development since 2003. He’s a thriving entrepreneur, software consultant, and he blogs. He focuses on native application development and Test Automation. He was born and raised on the mean streets of Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida. His blog can be found at Bizmonger.Wordpress.com.


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