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Distributed Caching with Iqbal Khan

Episode #1360 Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What role does distributed caching play in applications today? Carl and Richard sit down with Iqbal Khan to talk about nCache, an open source product built to do distributed caching in the .NET world. The conversation starts out with the traditional role of a distributed cache - state storage for a large scaling websites. It's never as simple as it sounds! From there, Iqbal dives into comparing caching to noSQL stores and RDBMS - they can all have a role in your application. The discussion then turns to more complex challenges around using distributed caches for map-reduce problems, and so on. Caching can do a lot!


Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan founded a tech company in 1996 with a vision of being always on the leading edge of enterprise application technologies. Initially, he spearheaded the software development services business in leading Java/J2EE and Microsoft technologies (initially Windows DNA and later .NET) based enterprise applications. Later, he formed Alachisoft with a vision to become the leading provider of high performance solutions for enterprise application development. The first product, TierDeveloper, made its name in the industry as a leading O/R Mapping code generator. And, the second product, NCache is the industry's leading .NET distributed object cache for high transaction enterprise applications. Prior to this in 1994, Iqbal Khan was a co-founder and President of Qualit, Inc., a software company based in Mountain View (Silicon Valley), California. Qualit developed a Windows bug tracking software for the small to medium software development groups.


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