.NET Rocks!

PHP using PeachPie with Benjamin Fistein and Jakub Míšek

Episode #1357 Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Compiled PHP on .NET! Carl and Richard talk to Benjamin Fistein and Jakub Míšek about Peachpie, and open source project to implement PHP on the .NET Core. While the project isn't complete yet (you can help - it's open source!), the potential power is huge - taking existing PHP code and being able to compile it down to the CLR. Ben and Jakub talk about the challenge of mapping functionality across the languages, and the huge performance boost that compiled CLR code gets. How fast could WordPress be? The goal is to make PeachPie run on the .NET Core as well, so it can work on any platform you want. Check it out!


Benjamin Fistein

Benjamin Fistein is from Prague, Czech Republic. He used to play online poker for a living, but finally ended up studying Marketing, Management and International Business, and got a real job instead. Now he is splitting his time between Peachpie, working full time and writing papers with Jakub Míšek.

Jakub Míšek

Hailing from Prague, Jakub Míšek has been coding since he was 12. In addition to all kinds of sports in the 90s, he developed multi-platform 3D games in C/C++. He started with IT at Charles University and end up studying compilers and operating systems. As a .NET enthusiast he was working on an open-source compiler called Phalanger, and a commercial PHP integration into Visual Studio. Armed with this know how, Jakub is going for a PhD in Software Engineering, and now works on Peachpie - the modern implementation of PHP compiler to .NET.


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