.NET Rocks!

Supporting Aging Software with Dustin Metzgar

Episode #1356 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How does Microsoft maintain mature applications? Carl and Richard talk to Dustin Metzgar about his work at Microsoft maintaining applications and libraries like Windows Workflow, older versions of ASP.NET and Entity Framework and more. These products are maintained for a long time, typically without adding features, but rather to make sure new operating systems still work with them, security is maintained and bugs are fixed. There's a ton of cool stories in this space, it's the ultimate brownfield project challenge - rarely, if ever, do folks who created a product continue with it throughout it's life time!


Dustin Metzgar

Dustin Metzgar has been developing software professionally since 2003. His industry experience includes building software in areas such as enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, insurance, and loan origination. He joined the .NET team at Microsoft around the time of the .NET 4.0 release and later worked on Azure services. Currently, Dustin and his team own a few libraries in the .NET Framework and .NET Core, an Azure service, and some parts of Visual Studio.


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