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Technical Debt isn't Technical with Einar Høst

Episode #1235 Thursday, December 24, 2015

How technical is technical debt? Carl and Richard talk to Einar Høst about how technical debt has more to do with your understanding of a system and the intentional shortcuts we take to make deadlines than anything specific to technology. The conversation dives into the domain driven design thinking of Eric Evans and the challenges of deeply understanding the domain of a system well enough to build great software to model it. As Einar puts it, some complexity is intentional, and some is accidental. That accidental complexity can be considered technical debt, but it is always challenging to measure it. In the end, the key is communications!


Einar Høst

Einar W. Høst is a developer and technical architect at Computas, a leading consultancy in business process management solutions.

In his spare time, he writes an obscure technical blog, enjoys pixel art, and indulges in impractical coding projects that are more geared towards satisfying curiosity and doing the unexpected than practicality. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oslo and thinks ivory towers are beautiful.


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