.NET Rocks!

Azure for Business Transformation with Jason Zander

Episode #1213 Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How can Azure change your business? Carl and Richard talk to Jason Zander, one of the original developers of .NET and now a corporate vice president, about the power of Azure to affect change in your business. Jason talks about the landscape of Azure today, and how the engineers are able to push out a feature almost every week - 500 new features in the past year! You may not need to move that fast, but it's nice to know if you build against Azure, that's what is possible. The conversation ranges over the role of IoT, security, web sites and more - there's a lot of things that can be built in Azure, and the opportunities are massive!


Jason Zander

Jason Zander is the Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Azure Team in the Cloud & Enterprise group at Microsoft Corporation. Jason’s team responsibilities include the architecture and development of core Azure technologies (such as compute, storage, networking, public cloud data centers and engineering systems). Jason also leads development of the Azure IoT effort at Microsoft.

Before joining the Azure team, Jason was CVP of engineering for the Visual Studio team and has worked on numerous products at Microsoft including the first several releases of the CLR and .NET Framework, SourceSafe, and ODBC. Before joining Microsoft in 1992, Jason worked at IBM on Distributed SQL and SQL/400 at the Rochester lab. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from MSU.


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