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Cloud-Oriented Programming with Vishwas Lele

Episode #1212 Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How do you build a cloud-oriented application? Carl and Richard talk to Vishwas Lele about his views on making software that takes advantage of features of the cloud, including dynamic resource allocation, resiliency and reliability. Vishwas runs down a list of ideas, starting with error handling - how many failures can be recovered in the cloud with new resource allocation, etc? Next up, instrumentation and logging - the cloud offers a lot of tooling to make real-time instrumentation a possibility. How do you take advantage of the costs of computing? What about scaling your application? Vishwas digs into it all!


Vishwas Lele

Vishwas Lele serves as CTO at Applied Information Sciences, Inc. Mr Lele is responsible for assisting organizations in envisioning, designing and implementing enterprise solutions related cloud and mobility. Mr Lele brings close to 25 years of experience and thought leadership to his position, and has been with AIS for 20 years. A noted industry speaker and author, Mr. Lele serves as the Microsoft Regional Director for Washington D.C. and is currently a Microsoft Azure MVP.


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