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Elixir and Phoenix with Chris McCord

Episode #1159 Wednesday, July 1, 2015

While at NDC, Carl and Richard talked to Chris McCord about Elixir - the friendly language on top of Erlang. Chris talks about his Phoenix framework which brings an MVC-style development approach to building web sites in Elixir. And because its the Erlang VM under the hood, it scales brilliantly! The efficiency of Erlang is remarkable as well, reducing the number of servers needed to provide a service, to the point where folks have been running a web site off of a Raspberry Pi 2! Phoenix is racing toward a version 1.0, and its a great time to get involved!


Chris McCord

Chris McCord is the creator of the Phoenix Framework and author of Metaprogramming Elixir. He spends his days crafting web applications at Littlelines and teaching other the tools of the trade. He loves community outreach and helping to grow Elixir’s wonderful community.


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