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Cross Platform Development with Marc Hoffman

Episode #1114 Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Programming in Swift? Want to build Android apps too? Carl and Richard talk to Marc Hoffman of RemObjects about his Silver project - using Swift to program for Android. Swift is Apple's cool new language for developing iOS apps, making life easier than Objective C. Don't use Swift? No problem, how about Pascal - because RemObjects has Oxygene, which is a moderized version of Pascal. That doesn't work for you? Then how about C#? Because this tool set lets you write C# across all the platforms too. And you can use it in the development environment of your choice, including Visual Studio. Mind blown? Ours too!


Marc Hoffman

Marc Hoffman is a co-founder and Chief Architect at RemObjects Software, and in charge of driving the Elements compiler project and its surrounding technologies. Since 2015 he lives in sunny CuraƧao.


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