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Simple.Data.2 with Mark Rendle

Episode #1078 Wednesday, December 24, 2014

While at NDC in London, Carl and Richard sat down with Mark Rendle to talk about the latest version of Simple.Data - version 2! Simple.Data started out years ago as a simple abstraction for data access, all open source with numerous additional projects built on it to support a huge variety of data stores. Mark talks about going back into his old V1 project and realizing he did some interesting twists and turns to make it work, and how a rethink of the design brought out the idea of V2. The conversation also digs into the fundraising efforts he did to incentivize getting an alpha version of V2 together. Lots of fun digressions on various projects and ideas as well!


Mark Rendle

Mark Rendle is 30 years old in hexadecimal and has been coding professionally for three-quarters of his life. His current mission is to get the world off of .NET 4 point whatever and onto .NET 5.0. In his spare time, he's started making games with Unity and has just released his first project on iOS and Android. Mark's hobbies include genetically modifying otters and decoding the hidden prophecies in the digits of pi.


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