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Imaging in Mobile Apps with David Božjak

Episode #1069 Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Carl and Richard talk to David Božjak about the Lumia Imaging SDK... or is it the Nokia Imaging SDK? Caught in the midst of a name change since the acquisition of Nokia phones, the SDK is called Lumia Imaging on the blog sites, but is still Nokia Imaging on NuGet. Certainly it'll all be Lumia some day. David talks about the huge array of features available in the SDK to take photos, apply filters and effects to them, and then render the images. The conversation digs into how to handle huge images when you have limited memory, so that thumbnails and partial renders keep the memory footprint down, and streamed rendering lets something phone size still render the full image. Cool stuff for your mobile app!


David Božjak

David Božjak is a software developer at Microsoft, developing the Lumia Imaging SDK. He has many years of back-end experience on the .NET platform using C# and C++. He comes from a big data background, but is now focused on SDKs and good API design. Together with his wife he has moved from Slovenia to Sweden and is now based in Lund, a charming town where he gets to learn about the pleasures of Swedish lifestyle. He spends a lot of his free time learning the Swedish language, a welcome change of peace in between all the computer languages. When not thinking about life, the universe and everything he enjoys reading nonfiction books and other very geeky activities - such as playing D&D!


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