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In this episode, Marc Mercuri goes into some great detail about a new RSS aggregator, Information Center, and the future of content aggregation.

Marc has been actively working in the software and services industry for the past 19 years. He has worked in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the US on a number of Enterprise projects and commercial products. Marc’s career has included architecture, engineering and strategy leadership roles at startups, enterprises, and ISVs. Marc is currently a Sr. Director in Microsoft Service’s Applied Incubation team. His is the managing architect of a worldwide team focused on incubating and piloting cloud lifecycle services for key scenarios, inclusive of strategy, architecture, implementation, management, and support. His team engages with Microsoft's top customers on their strategic, high scale public and hybrid cloud projects. Recent public projects at Microsoft have included Pottermore, Microsoft LookingGlass, Microsoft TownHall, Tafiti, RoboChamps, NASA's BeAMartian (BEAM) community of sites, the Microsoft Cookbook SaaS, and EveryCloud. Marc is the author of four books and has 27 patents pending in the areas of cloud, mobile, and social.

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